For many drivers, the choice between buying and leasing is often a tough call. At Fox Hills Chrysler Jeep, we will ensure that you have all the tools and research you need to make the best decision for your budget, goals, and lifestyle. Our Canton & Plymouth, Michigan, auto finance center is happy to walk you through all your options to make sure you drive off our lot with the auto lease or low-rate auto loan that makes sense for you. After exploring our stunning inventory of Jeep SUVs and Chrysler vehicles, be sure to review our financing guide below. Don't hesitate to give our auto dealership a call if you need any help along the way.

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Buying is an excellent choice if you see yourself driving the same car for several years. When you choose to finance your vehicle, you're working towards ownership. This gives you the freedom to customize your vehicle however you see fit. On top of customization, drivers that choose to buy their car don't have to worry about a mileage limit. With no lease agreement to abide by, you are free to adventure down any road. No city is too far when you choose to become a car owner! While your down payment and monthly car payments might be higher than that of a lease, you own the vehicle outright once you make your final payment. That means that if you decide to sell your vehicle later, you get money back from the car you invested in! When you choose one of the competitive financing solutions at Fox Hills Chrysler Jeep, you'll be able to make your vehicle your own and retain the value for years to come. Contact our team in Canton & Plymouth, MI, if you need help figuring out which financing plan is right for you.

If you crave flexibility, an auto lease may be the perfect option for you. Typically, lease options have lower monthly payments than an auto loan with a smaller down payment as well. Leases are great for those looking for a short-term commitment, as once your lease comes to an end, you can finance your car, choose another lease option on a newer model, or walk away with no further obligation. If you love the idea of having the latest features, a lease will allow you to drive the newest models every few years without being tied down to one model. An auto lease also allows you to drive more expensive trim levels without going over budget. Do you like the idea of avoiding the resale process? With a lease, you can leave that responsibility to the dealership. However, leases aren't for everyone. If you plan on driving over 12,000-15,000 miles each year or prefer to alter your vehicle with custom paint or performance parts, a lease may be limiting. Breaking your lease by ending it early or repairing your vehicle outside of factory-approved locations can also result in hefty fines. Give the professionals at Fox Hills Chrysler Jeep a call if you have any questions about an auto lease!

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If you're still unsure about whether you should lease or finance, don't fret. The experts at Fox Hills Chrysler Jeep are here to help you explore your options. Our local Canton & Plymouth, MI, auto financing center will help you value your trade-in, estimate your monthly car payments, and explore all our current financing specials. If you have questions, we're ready and waiting to help. Call our auto dealership today to learn whether you should lease or finance your next Jeep SUV or Chrysler vehicle. 

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